So, you’ve clicked on the about page, which must mean that you wish to know more about this site. Well, I suppose you could have absolutely no interest in knowing more about me and this blog, and have maybe accidentally clicked on this link, but let’s assume it’s the former.

My name is Jack Naven, I’m from Manchester, England, and there really isn’t that much more interesting to say about me. The important thing to know is that I love movies. I absolutely love them. How much do I love them you ask? Okay, maybe you didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you anyway. My entire life goal is to be able to make movies, it’s the career path I have committed myself to and hopefully someday I’m going to make it.

Until then, I have to scratch my film making itch in someway. I love talking about movies with people, and I love writing, so I thought why not combine the two?

A few things to know about this blog. I’m only going to write about subjects I want to write about. Feel free to suggest anything you might like me to talk about, but just know that I will only write about something if I feel I can add to the discussion or have anything interesting to say about it.Of course you are also free to suggest subject you don’t want me to talk about, but that would be a bit of a pointless exercise now wouldn’t it?

So as much as I love Star Wars, I’m going to try and avoid talking about it on this website, because if you want to read and article about Star Wars, there are thousands out there already. I’d prefer

All opinions are welcome here, but I would ask that people be respectful to each other and try to discuss things in a adult manner. Let’s see how well that goes.


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